NovaCast a 3D printed cast by MediPrint

Ever had a broken bone? Great you’re right at the target audience of MediPrint. MediPrint is currently looking for investors. They provide their patented novacast technology to customers in the healthcare sector. Novacast is a 3D printed cast that removes the need for traditional plaster casts. The cast offers a lightweight build and can be used during showers or bathing. This makes the cast a great new addition to the medical toolkit.┬áMediPrint is a Mexican startup found by a group of UNAM University graduates. There was some buzz about the cast in the media lately. Other than that not much can be found about the startup.

Another Startup

During my research, I found another company that will be interesting. The Canadian company, also named MediPrint, is providing 3D printed replacement bones. They even offer 48 hours turnaround time for your custom ordered replacement bones.


When you’re looking for some sectors to invest, you will find a lot of potential in HealthTech companies. There still is a lot of space for improvement. I can’t say if one of the two mentioned companies is a good investment. So make your decision to invest based on your own due diligence. And get someone with better Spanish knowledge than me.

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